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I find lugging around the burden of a sociopathic ex and the ball-ache of betrayal a bit of a bugger. There’s a lot out there about fighting dirty, and reels of stories about the mental strain people have been under for years – from stay-at-home parents to lawyers, questioning how they could be rendered so powerless and low in the face of deceptive ex partners – who play the victim in public, whilst skipping around with machetes in private and throwing the common line that it’s you with the psychosis.

I refuse to let this cripple me, or to spend chunks of my life going through courts – so I set myself the challenge of attempting to deal with this through humour – and write a partly sarcastic, partly positive-thinking autobiographical blog, for my own survival and in the hope of entertaining and reaching out to others.

I lost money, confidence and direction – but my unforeseen stint as a 37 year old waitress taught me to focus on the wealth outside my pocket – and to try and find a funny side to even the harshest of accusations – that will inevitably come my way for the next 13 years of impossible co-parenting…

Thank you for reading 🙂


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