Computer says ‘Yes’!


I may have lost sleep, I may have cried into a Tiramisu on shift whilst on the phone to parliament, I may have possibly threatened the government with going to the Daily Mail…

But I have won my battle against the Tax Credits system!

And what’s more, I have MP acknowledgement that there is change to be sought in the system as a whole! Boom!

People of Britain, do not be accepting of the errors of the call staff, do not be deflated by a declined Mandatory Reconsideration application, and do not let the escalation of court action phase you in your mission of ‘hi there,  please could you get my details correct on your system?’.

Cling to your paper evidence, rugby tackle your local MP and plead your case (I have to say, mine was nothing short of excellent and very understanding) and whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP!

Think you have no evidence that your details have been incorrectly logged? Not the case! You can request transcripts of your calls from the tax credits office and then wave them in court! And what’s more, you can even get the audio recordings on CD – what a card to pull at a dinner party, or to blast from your open car windows on a sunny day?

The phone people are up there with tissue-paper condoms.  But they have a shit system to work with that doesn’t actually make sense, so they have to make it up as they go.  I both despair of them and feel sorry for them. The middle ground people are pants – they just say “tough tit’s, it’s your fault. Now off you trot”. The appeals people, however, are amazing – I almost expected a gift voucher for my trouble, and I was treated like Kate Middleton – it was wonderful.

You may feel like a weak, feeble mouse, up against a great big scary political bear, but don’t; the reality is that, if you are in the right, HMRC will be scared of YOU. The apparent refusal to back down is just a front. KEEP TRUCKING – YOU CAN WIN!

Now, what to do with the five stone of paperwork that has been born from a simple wrong figure on my childcare costs? I feel I should frame it but there’s too much choice and not enough wall space for it all. Start a museum of my exciting journey? I think I’ll just wipe my arse with it – it’ll be worth the paper cuts.

I prayed for Glasto tickets; they came, I prayed that I would win this case against HMRC Tax Credits; I won,  I am now praying for a book deal, very aware I have another 300,000 online followers to find before I’m noticed…

… in the meantime, I might try and take on Jeremy Hunt again, it’s a while since I tweeted him…

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