Mopping Up

My biographical lift pitch: Physiotherapist-writing-in-spare-time-turned-stay-at-home-mum-chasing-script-commission-turned-single-mother-doing-all-absorbing-office-jobs-turned-part-time-waitress.

So here I am; a thirty six year old waitress, juggling the blessing of working around my son’s school hours and potentially heading up financial shit-creek. And all I can think about is: this has got to be my calling card…!

Despite the reality of my job title triggering disappointment, if not horror, in the majority of the middle-aged middle-class society, I really enjoy it. I get to mop the floors to a musical continuum stretching from filthy rap lyrics to The Hollies, embrace the child within by making pretty patterns on Tiramisu with chocolate sauce, chat to lovely people and write a blog for the restaurant. The people are wonderful and I am paid to clean, sing, eat, make people feel welcome and promote the restaurant through my writing addiction. It’s a lovely restaurant – a second home in terms of family atmosphere and food cooked with soul. Then I get to leave and scoop up my little man from the school gates and play three hours of hide-and-seek. The pharmaceutical admin world may have paid three times more but the escape from corporate micromanagement and the chance to breathe and see more of my son is priceless – in terms of emotional wealth, I am a millionaire.

When I’m mopping, I embrace the joy of Prince Ackeem of Zumunda, in his role at McDowell’s (shame on those who do not have instant recognition of this classic film). In the mind-set that the writing commission I long for would not alter the fact that I’d still want to work as a waitress, it dawns on me that I have the answer right in front of me: a domestic total gross of $128,152,301 was the result of writing about a millionaire (albeit financial) who took pride in mopping the floors of a restaurant…

An autobiographical blog it is.

And as I search to check the availability of my blog title, I am alerted to Maud Younger – and the title feels like a fitting tribute, in addition to how I feel about the wealth outside my pocket.

I start out today with no Facebook or Twitter followers – please share/like/follow/fly planes with banners – let the mission commence…



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